Winter Wellness Tips For Healthy Living


As the season’s change, so do our health needs. And during the winter, we all need a little extra care. To keep you healthy this winter, we teamed up with our favorite online health and wellness website, iHerb, to give you 11 winter wellness tips to make this your healthiest winter season ever. If you’d like to check out all our winter lotion and potion recommendations, just click the links throughout the post, where you can find them at iHerb.

Now let’s get ready for winter! Winter can be a really rough time for our skin. Between time spent in the cold, dry winter air outside and then into the moisture-sucking indoor heating systems, your winter skin is just screaming for some hydration. The result: dry, itchy, scaly, and parched skin that doesn’t look or feel too great. Besides using a humidifier, you can give your skin an infusion of moisture and a protective barrier from the elements by regularly using an intensive moisturizer or body balm to help repair skin.

These creams are usually thicker and denser than what you would apply in summer. My absolute favorite body butter is Sierra Bees Honey Almond Body Butter. It’s all-natural and made with other skin-soothing ingredients like organic honey, shea butter, cocoa butter, cupuacu butter, mango butter, Chamomile, and Green Tea. It’s also cruelty-free, non-GMO, and has no phthalates or parabens. It not only feels silky and luxurious, but it sinks into the skin quickly with no greasy feeling at all. While it makes my skin feel amazing.

The very light honey almond scent makes me wish I could bathe in it. For those who want an intensive repair cream but enjoy a floral bouquet, try Petal Fresh Natural Remedy Critical Repair Cream made especially for dry, cracked, and calloused skin. The formula uses the power of skin healing ingredients like sea kelp.

Olive oil, shea butter, and aloe. The scent is strong on this one, so the Sierra Bees is the way to go if you’re sensitive. Winter Skin Tip: Don’t have a humidifier? Placing a bowl of water near a heating vent or radiator will do the same job without any money spent. Try adding in a few drops of your favorite essential oils for an aromatherapeutic effect.


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