Baratunde Thurston On ‘How To Citizen’ And The Importance Of Stepping Into Power


Baratunde Thurston has made his life’s work all about progress. Thurston synthesizes race, politics, culture, and technology as a writer, activist, thinker, and comedian to imagine a new, more equitable world. In 2012, he was released.

How To Be Black,” a bestselling book deconstructing racial politics in America. This year, Thurston is offering up a variation on that theme with a new podcast, “How To Citizen.” The show’s first season features 15 in-depth conversations with organizers, humanitarians, artists, and experts exploring how we can all show up for each other — and ourselves.

In this interview, Thurston discusses what it truly means to be a “citizen,” the importance of human connection (now more than ever), and why we shouldn’t be afraid to step into our power — even as democracy in the U.S. has felt incredibly fragile.  Oh, thank you. I’m good. I’m good. Really? I’m tired at times, but I’m grateful, so grateful that I got home, I got food, I got health. I’ve got love. And I can see some of the next steps. So, I’m good.


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