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Brittany Higgins allegations: Bruce Lehrmann denies claims

Brittany Higgins allegations: Bruce Lehrmann denies claims

Former Liberal staffer Bruce Lehrmann can be identified as the man who has received a summons to appear in an ACT Court on September 16 over allegations that he sexually assaulted Brittany Higgins at Parliament House. Mr. Lehrmann, who is said to be “distressed” and shocked by the single charge of sexual intercourse without consent, has vehemently denied the allegations and vowed to clear his name.

Lawyers acting for the Queensland man have told news.com.au that their client will defend the charge. They will argue he never had sex with Ms. Higgins after they both returned to the office after midnight in March 2019. For years, Mr. Lehrmann had worked for the Liberal Party in former Attorney-General George Brandis’ office and for Nationals MPs. Senator Brandis personally thanked him for his service in his valedictory speech when he retired from politics.

After he departed from Parliament, he worked as a political lobbyist.

Police have confirmed they intend to charge the man with sexual intercourse without consent after a six-month investigation into former Liberal staffer Ms. Higgins’ allegations.

The maximum penalty for the offense under ACT law is 12 years in jail.

“The man will face one charge of sexual intercourse without consent. The maximum penalty for this offense is 12 years imprisonment,” the ACT Police said. In a statement, the man’s lawyer John Korn said that he would unequivocally reject the allegation. My client absolutely and unequivocally denies that any form of sexual activity took place at all,” Mr. Korn said. The Party Games newsletter


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