Former Liberal leader dies aged 82


    Former Liberal leader Andrew Peacock has died aged 82 at his home in the US.

    Mr. Peacock was one of the most significant Australian political figures of his generation, leading the Liberal Party in the 1984 and 1990 federal elections.

    He was dubbed the ‘the colt from Kooyong’ in 1966 when he was chosen at the age of 27 to replace Sir Robert Menzies in his Melbourne electorate.

    Mr. Peacock’s daughter, Ann, posted a heartfelt tribute to her father on Instagram.

    “To my beautiful, loving, most caring, thoughtful, generous, and brilliant father, you will be so greatly missed; your guidance and deep love for us will live in my heart; we are absolutely devastated,” she wrote. Daddy, love you more than the world; please continue to look after us all. You will live within us forever and ever.


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