Freediver Alexey Molchanov’s Latest World Record? Under the Ice


On the slow drop toward 80 meters, the sound of crackling ice rippled through the water, the barometric pressure cranked up, and it was painfully cold. His job was to accept it all and remain relaxed no matter how awful it felt or what happened next.

He arrived at the illuminated bottom plate, grabbed a black tag, and with an ever-dwindling oxygen supply, the dolphin kicked back toward the hole in the ice.

For the past four years, Alexey Molchanov has been the undisputed best all-around free diver globally. He came of age traveling the world, from competition to competition, with his mother. She set 41 world records and won 23 world championship titles, despite not discovering the sport until she divorced at 39 years old. She never sought sponsorship and supported her family by teaching the sport she loved.

By the time she disappeared while free diving near Ibiza in 2015, her curriculum was taught across Russia and Eastern Europe. Molchanov already had one depth record and multiple world championships to his name. He’d also started manufacturing free diving gear under the Molchanovs brand. But with his mother gone in a tragic flash, many free divers wondered if he’d unravel. And what would become of the brand that carried her name?

Molchanov did not share his pain. He didn’t seek therapy or confide in anyone, including his older sister, Oksana Molchanova, which concerned her. She’s also a free diver and an instructor, but she avoided the water two years after her mother’s death. Molchanov dived more often and brought his mother’s free diving curriculum across the globe.

The ocean became his grief counselor. “The water, freediving was the way for me to cleanse and recover,” he said. Being underwater allowed him to connect with his mother while also letting go. “It’s thinking about this connection, and it’s also about not letting the tension and all the negative emotions settle in the body.

The records started piling up quickly. Two years after his mother’s death, in 2017, Molchanov won Vertical Blue, the Wimbledon of freediving, for the first time. The following year, he broke two depth records at the same competition in Dean’s Blue Hole, the home training ground of his greatest rival, William Trubridge. In 2018, he broke his own Constant Weight record by diving to 130 meters and back with a monofin, and he nabbed Trubridge’s Free Immersion world record by pulling down a line to 125 meters and back again.


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