Gladys Berejiklian issues stern warning to Scott Morrison over quarantine


    The NSW Premier has issued a warning to the Prime Minister, declaring that if the federal government wants to increase quarantine capacity, it will have to “do it themselves”. If the feds (federal government) want to increase capacity in NSW, they’re going to have to build and operate a facility themselves.

    Gladys Berejiklian told 2GB’s, Ben Fordham. The Premier explained that the state welcomed home thousands of Australians every week, and there were between 5000 and 5500 people in hotel quarantine across NSW at any given time. Any more than that “isn’t good”, Ms. Berejiklian declared, citing advice from police and health officials.

    Ms. Berejiklian warned once international borders opened, those hotels could no longer be used as quarantine facilities, presenting an enormous challenge for the government.

    “In the future, you can’t have a hotel built for tourism as a quarantine facility,” she said.

    “I said to the feds, ‘5000 is all we can do in NSW, and we’re doing it. I don’t know any state that comes close to that, and we do it without complaining.

    “I am having a bit of a whinge today but rightfully so.”

    She said another 10 new quarantine facilities would need to be built to match what NSW was already doing. Meanwhile, the Morrison government has given the green light to a purpose-built quarantine facility just outside Melbourne. The state has signed a memorandum of understanding with the commonwealth regarding the quarantine proposal.


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