I Tried Future Fitness App. Here’s My Review


I WASN’T SURPRISED when I learned that over 50% of all people who sign up for a gym membership go only once a week or bail on the experience altogether. A few years back, I joined a small local gym determined to stay active and get fit. It was close to my house and started out great. I was going 4-5 times a week, attending classes, and was keeping up with it. But, as time went on, I got bored with my routine and the equipment there.

My last straw was when a personal trainer there started chowing down on spaghetti & meatballs, right behind me while I was running on a treadmill and while he was training another member. As soon as the smell of his lunch wafted through the hot gym and hit me, I knew I was done there. Future is a Fitness App That Keeps You Motivated With Your Own Personal Elite Coach  Since my previous gym experience, I preferred working out at home. Then the pandemic hit, and like most of us, that became our only option. Whether I’m in the gym or at home, I find it really hard to stick to a workout routine and stay motivated long-term.  But now there’s an app for that.

Future, fitness and coaching app in the Apple store is based on the science of what motivates us as humans to stay on track with our fitness goals (or goals in general) and adds a personal touch.  With Future, you get your own elite personal fitness coach, who not only makes weekly custom workout plans just for you but also holds you accountable by messaging you with daily check-ins, tips, and feedback before and after your workouts. This constant back and forth communication somehow energizes us to get those workouts done and conquer those fitness goals. And it works.

What’s also reassuring to know is that Future only hires the best fitness professionals in the business.  Over 80% of Future coaches have trained pro, collegiate, or Olympic athletes. 95%+ have a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, with a majority also having a master’s degree. What’s best is that your Future workout program revolves 100% around your schedule, fitness goals, and access to workout equipment. Try it out! : Want to finally get fit again? Try out Future now and get 50% OFF your first month by clicking here!


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