Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Jessica Rowe escapes after her car catches fire in Sydney

TV star Jessica Rowe is “rattled” and her daughter “inconsolable” after they were forced to flee their burning car on a busy main road. Rowe was parked outside Kambala Girls School in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, picking up her 14-year-old daughter when the car suddenly caught ablaze on one of the major roads in the area, New South Head Road.

Rowe’s husband, Channel Nine News anchor Peter Overton told 2GB later that a bystander, thought to be a school bus driver, initially flagged the smoke coming from the Volvo XC 60 with Rowe and pressed her to escape the car.

Rowe and her daughter both fled before the vehicle was engulfed by flames.

Images show the car completely burnt out.

“Both are really rattled as you would be,” Rowe’s manager, David Wilson, told The Daily Telegraph Fire and Rescue and Ambulance, along with police, were at the scene. It is unknown what caused the fire. They’re all okay, and they’re home now. There was a real fear that the car could’ve exploded,” Overton told 2GB.

When Allegra rang me, just to see her absolute state of despair, that’s why I couldn’t wait to see her. I don’t care about the car. The pair were driven home by the bystander, with Overton saying: “I’ll find out the bloke’s details and get in touch to give him a very big thank you.” Everyone at work could see that I was absolutely traumatized when I saw my 14-year-old on FaceTime absolutely inconsolable. I saw in the background the car ablaze.

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