Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Mobius Labs nabs $6M to help more sectors tap into computer vision – TechCrunch

Berlin-based Mobius Labs has closed a €5.2 million (~$6.1M) funding round off the back of increased demand for its computer vision training platform. The Series A investment is led by Ventech VC, Atlantic Labs, APEX Ventures, Space Capital, Lunar Ventures, and some additional angel investors.

The startup offers an SDK that lets the user create custom computer vision models fed with a little of their own training data — as an alternative to off-the-shelf tools which may not have the required specificity for a particular use-case. It also flags a ‘no code’ focus, saying its tech has been designed with a non-technical user in mind.

As it’s an SDK, Mobius Labs’ platform can also be deployed on-premise and/or on-device — rather than the customer needing to connect to a cloud service to tap into the AI tool’s utility.

“Our custom training user interface is straightforward to work with and requires no prior technical knowledge on any level,” claims Appu Shaji, CEO and chief scientist. 

“Over the years, a trend we have observed is that often the people who get the maximum value from AI are nontechnical personas like a content manager in a press and creative agency or an application manager in the space sector. Our no-code AI allows anyone to build their own applications, thus enabling these users to get close to their vision without waiting for AI experts or developer teams to help them.

Mobius Labs — founded back in 2018 — now has 30 customers using its tools for a range of use cases. Uses include categorization, recommendation, prediction, reducing operational expense, and/or “generally connecting users and audiences to visual content that is most relevant to their needs”. (Press and broadcasting and the stock photography sector have unsurprisingly been big focuses to date.)

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