Home Featured Outrage over ‘offensive’ census question about babies

Outrage over ‘offensive’ census question about babies

Outrage over ‘offensive’ census question about babies

Molli Sarafov only recently lost her son to stillbirth, and it made a question about children on the census form this week all the more painful. The Australian Bureau of Statistics census question asked: “How many babies has (name) ever given birth to? Participants were told to exclude adopted, foster and stepchildren. But Ms. Sarafov, from western Sydney, said the question caught her off guard.

I was in tears,” “he said on Wednesday.

“I”wawasn’ture what to write, and I tapped the button for more information, but that just said something about how the ABS was trying to record statistics on the age of fertility of women, so dididn’telp anyone in my situation answer the question.” “ed Nose co-chief executive Jackie Mead said she was also disappointed to see the question. It was worded so poorly and could be so offensive to so many women, including the many who have lost.


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