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Personal trainer dobbed in for working in lockdown

Personal trainer dobbed in for working in lockdown

A famous Sydney personal trainer has taken aim at a community of naysayers who continue to dob him in for working throughout lockdown. Rory Stephen, who owns Roar PT, has been abused and heckled since the Greater Sydney lockdown began and is fed up with public members trying to shame him. I’ve been in eight different spots now because at everyone there’s been someone who has complained or had something negative to say,” Mr. Stephen, who works in the inner city area of Potts Point, told news.com.au.

The people I’ve come across have been pretty rude.

In one instance, a random man yelled out to complain about the noise from Mr. Stephen’s speaker. He was insulting about it as well,” he said, detailing how the man threatened to call the police if he didn’t move. Another woman blasted him for having loud music outside while she was working from home. She was just so rude about it and told me how she would appreciate it if I left. She just had no respect for me,” Mr. Stephen said. “I’m always a people pleaser and don’t want to upset anyone, but I’ve had enough.” He said he had been told to move at least eight times by disgruntled members of the public.

People were constantly pointing and taking photos of his setup, which he suspected may not have been solely due to his impressive collection of equipment. “I’m just trying to service my clients as best as possible. Because everyone’s in a tough place, working from home and going crazy, so the highlight of their day is working out,” he said.

“It’s hard when I’m trying to keep my clients happy and the community happy as well. It’s frustrating.” Police have stopped in three times, likely after receiving calls from the public, and “they have been fine with it”, Mr. Stephen said. “They have not said one negative thing to me, and the council has been excellent too; it’s just the community.”

Government health advice stipulates that exercise can be undertaken outdoors with “a friend, family member, or trainer”, so long as there are no more than two people at all times.

Exercise is one of four reasons Greater Sydney residents are allowed to leave their homes.


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