Porsche driver Richard Pusey slams assault claims as ‘impossible’


    Porsche driver Richard Pusey has labeled claims he assaulted a woman during the Christmas holidays “impossible”, a court has been told. On Tuesday, Mr. Pusey appeared via videolink in Melbourne Magistrates Court about multiple charges, including allegations he put a noose around the woman’s neck. Police allege the 42-year-old former mortgage broker assaulted the woman on December 27 and is also charged with threats to kill and placing her in danger of serious injury by allegedly putting a noose around her neck.

    But prosecution and defense were in discussions about whether most of the charges, including the cost involving a noose, would be withdrawn in a bid to finalize the case, the court was told. His lawyer Vincent Peters said he planned to fight the assault charge, and the woman at the center of the authorities didn’t complain to the police. The woman was “never afraid” during the alleged incident, and the charge was based on reports from police officers outside the former mortgage broker’s home, Mr. Peters said.

    “It would be impossible for them to make those judgments,” he said.

    • He said there was “no vantage point” where they could get a reasonable assessment of what happened, Mr. Peters said.
    • The lawyer said that Mr. Pusey allegedly walked the woman from the bedroom to the kitchen, holding onto her arm.
    • “He wasn’t forcefully pulling her or dragging her,” Mr. Peters told the court.
    • He labeled it a “trite” matter that was not worth pursuing.
    • However, prosecutor Meagan McDonnell told the court that police planned an initial investigation, including additional statements from the officers at the scene.

    Family violence was not a trivial matter,” she told the court.

    There was screaming; there was the distress that was observed. There are police statements on file that articulate that,” Ms. McDonnell said. The court heard Mr. Pusey also planned to plead guilty to using a carriage service to menace another person about a separate incident in August 2019. He also planned to plead guilty to scratching the fuel tank of a Royal Enfield motorbike in March 2019, but there was a dispute over how much the repair cost. Earlier, Mr. Pusey was allegedly driving his Porsche “erratically” and cut off the motorbike driver on Hoddle Street at Richmond, according to a police summary.

    The victim was nearly thrown off his bike,” it reads.

    Police allege Mr. Pusey is seen on CCTV footage intentionally using a key to scratch the paint on the motorcycle’s fuel tank. He allegedly fled the scene before he was arrested on October 1. Mr. Pusey is awaiting a sentence about charges stemming from the fatal Eastern Freeway crash on April 22 last year. He admitted to outraging public decency by filming the horrific aftermath of the collision where four police officers were killed when a drug-addled truck driver drove into them. The group had pulled over Mr. Pusey for speeding when they were struck, but he was urinating on the side of the road and avoided being hit. He is expected to be sentenced to the outraging public decency charges later this month.


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