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Scott Morrison slammed in Qld budget wish list

Scott Morrison slammed in Qld budget wish list

Queensland treasurer Cameron Dick has called out Scott Morrison to “end the great Queensland rip-off” to plea for more funding ahead of Tuesday’s federal budget. Mr. Dick announced a wish list he and Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk wanted the Morrison government to help fund their state’s roads, rail, housing, and aged care.

“We want the great Queensland rip-off to end in the budget on Tuesday night.

“For too long, Scott Morrison has paid lip service to Queensland. He has said how great our state is, but we just haven’t gotten the funding that we deserve.

“We know Scott Morrison’s track record, a lot of talks, and a little bit of action.

“Sydney got $5 billion for a new (Western Sydney) airport. Melbourne got $5 billion for a new (Melbourne Airport Rail Link) line, but the Queensland Government had to pay every single cent that went into Cross River Rail (project).”

Mr. Dick claimed Queensland had the highest net migration of any state last year – 30,000 people – which was why it should be prioritized in state-allocated funding in the budget. “I think the PM has made some political decisions to make investments in other states,” he said.“” ut what I’m saying now is look to the people. Look to the numbers and the state tthat’sgoing to be the big engine driving the economy.

“”It’sa growing state. IIt’sthe place to be. People are voting with their feet and moving here, and we want the federal government to recognize that.””Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has already flagged a $1.7 billion injection into the childcare sector for the May budget.

Last week, Mr. Morrison was also in Rockhampton and Townsville, announcing $600 million for a new national natural disaster agency, a $371 million biosecurity package, and a $10 billion reinsurance pool to subsidize high premium costs in north Queensland. The federal government has also promised to help fund the 2032 Olympic Games with the state.


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