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Sun out in NSW but major flooding still a risk

Sun out in NSW but major flooding still a risk

The sun has come out in parts of NSW after days of torrential rain, but flood dangers remain, and residents have been told to stay vigilant. Around 6000 people were evacuated in the 24 hours up to 8am on Wednesday, and several rivers were still at risk of significant flooding, officials said at a morning news conference. What we still have to be aware of is the fact that thousands and thousands of people are still on evacuation warnings, that the rivers will continue to swell, that catchments will continue to experience flows of water not seen in 50 years and in some places 100 years,” NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said.

That is what is our primary concern.

Two weather systems that threatened to dump more rain on the state appeared to have moved through, and no significant rainfall was forecast for the next week. The weather system generating that torrential rainfall has been pushed out into the Pacific Ocean, and we’re looking at quite a few days of no rain, no significant rain. For most of NSW.

Jane Golding of the Bureau of Meteorology said. She said that some possibly strong and gusty winds over the southern ranges and the Illawarra were of concern and could knock down trees. NSW residents were warned of being lulled into a false sense of security amid the newly blue skies, and officials strongly urged people not to enter floodwater that could contain debris and harmful contamination.

Several rivers are still at risk from significant flooding, including the Clarence, the Macintyre, the Hawkesbury and Nepean, and the Wollombi Brook. The past week’s floods have been the worst for decades and forced thousands to leave their homes, many of whom were recently affected by both bushfires and drought.

No fatalities have been recorded.


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