Wednesday, December 8, 2021

SybG Perfect Match PVC Sandals in Pink, Gray, and Green

Prepare for your week to get better as we have new arrivals on Fashion Bomb Daily Shop! Many of you, including celebrities like Cardi B, is head over heels (literally) for our SybG Perfect Match sandals. So, we would like to announce that a new colorway for the Perfect Match PVC sandals has arrived and is currently available for pre-order.

The latest $135 SybG Perfect Match PVC Sandals arrives in a new multicolor combination which includes the colors pink, gray, and green. Aside from the latest colors, it stays true to the sandal’s perfectly imperfect nature as it comes mismatched with PVC straps, 4.5-inch gold heels, and single back straps.

In need of style inspo? Take notes from Claire Sulmers as she was recently spotted in the new SybG Perfect Match PVC Sandals paired with a pink and orange look by Staud and GOLD x TEAL.

Loving these new Perfect Match sandals? Pre-order yours here!

Photos: Salvatore Ian DeMaio

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