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The Best Ashwagandha Supplement For Stress

The Best Ashwagandha Supplement For Stress

This post is sponsored by Flora Health. None of the information presented is intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease. For more information, please visit florahealth.com. We’ll never be able to altogether avoid stress. Unfortunately, all those traffic jams, bills, work deadlines, relationship issues, and frustrating lines at the grocery store are just part of life.  But day after day, they can make you feel tired and zapped with energy.

Stress can also cause hormone imbalances, depression, poor sleep, head and body aches, weight gain, and poor immunity. And if that’s not enough, over the long-term, stress can have serious adverse effects on your health with symptoms like ulcers, GERD, high blood pressure,  heart disease, and worse. Eating a healthy balanced diet.

Exercising regularly,  getting enough sleep, meditating, and even doing fun activities can positively affect our health while reducing the impact of stress on our minds and bodies. But even if you’re technically doing everything right, it may still not be enough for your body to reset day after day of stress. Fact: Currently, about 77% of Americans regularly experience physical and emotional symptoms caused by stress, and the CDC

Estimates that stress is the culprit behind 75% of all doctor visits. That’s where beneficial herbs and botanicals known as adaptogens come into play.  These robust plants contain unique compounds that can naturally help regulate our hormones and metabolism. Still, one of the most essential benefits of adaptogens is how they help our body adapt to stress and protect us from the damage it can cause on a cellular level.  With their excellent benefits and ability to make you feel more like yourself again, adaptogens are becoming the new  “must-haves” in the wellness world for combating the effects of stress.


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