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The world of intelligent home audio definitely benefited from all this time we’re spending indoors. Sonos has an eye on the future, though. We’ve just finished reviewing the $170 Roam, which Sonos pitches as a hybrid speaker for beach trips and vacations, and which also integrates with your at-home sound system. It also doesn’t look like a giant kettlebell like Sonos’ last attempt, the $400 (!) Move. Deputy Managing Editor Nathan Ingraham sounds good (and says even better in a stereo pair) and is as portable as the competition.


Sonos is busy on other frontiers, too. The company is apparently continuing its work with Ikea on future smart speakers that hide in plain sight. A new speaker-lamp may be on its way — the better-sounding device from Ikea’s debut Symfonisk range — and we may even see a new ‘art piece’ addition that crams speakers into something even more aesthetically pleasing. The irony is that a lot of us (read: me) can’t wait to escape our homes later this year, regardless of how pretty my speakers might be. Perhaps, then, I should buy a Roam.

— Mat Smith

It’s too bad the G5’s modular design never caught on.


LG didn’t usually make the best smartphones, and that’s a part of the reason it’s exiting the business now. But the company always managed to bring something extra to the mobile space, so Chris Velazco is taking a trip down memory lane to recap some of its best and weirdest efforts. Everything from the enV 2 to G Flex gets one more moment to shine.
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GM is betting its electrified future on ‘Ultium’ battery plans.


GM began its electrified venture in 1996 with the EV1, one of the first viable battery-powered sedan models produced by a major automaker, which continued its run until discontinued in 2003. Today, GM relies on an EV platform powered by the Ultium battery system as the basis for the 30-plus models it plans to produce in the coming years.

When the Hummer EV SUT (sport utility truck) and its newly unveiled SUV variant hit dealer show floors in the fall of 2021 and 2023, respectively, they’ll be among the first models in GM’s new electrified lineup built atop the company’s Ultium battery system. On Tuesday, the company announced they’ll be joined by an electric Silverado capable of traveling an estimated 400 miles on a single battery charge.


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