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Tommy Little angry about vaccination appointment delays

Tommy Little angry about vaccination appointment delays

Young people have voiced their frustration at not getting vaccination appointments despite being willing to get the AstraZeneca jab.

Comedian Tommy Little shared his own experience on The Project on Sunday night of being turned away from vaccination hubs in Victoria.

I see ads on TV – the government telling us to get vaccinated, and it makes my blood boil because it is their fault we don’t have the vaccine,” Little said. I feel really sorry for young people at the moment because I feel like the government is basically gaslighting them. They keep pushing them to get vaccinated, and they don’t have a safe vaccine — they don’t have enough of it to go around.

You are spending millions of dollars advertising for a product you don’t have.

The show also heard from Rupert Condon, 26, who said he had been trying to get vaccinated for weeks in Melbourne. The man told the panel he had received a tip-off from a friend that a vaccination hub in the Sandown area was quiet, so he drove there with a friend during his lunch hour.

“No one was there,” he said.

They were quickly told they had to book online due to a policy change, even though the website said walk-ins were available. He said they tried to do this, but the website crashed after multiple attempts, then they were told to give the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria a call but gave up after 25 minutes on hold. The Party Games newsletter


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